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Dear Job,

If you are going to make changes and clean house, I suggest you do so shortly so that the rest of your poor over-worked employees don't have a heart attack waiting for it to be done. It makes people who are not under the microscope paranoid and scared to even come to work while the one causing the problem continues to make it worse. Also, it makes already-low morale even lower when we know who needs to go, they're lingering, doing nothing, and you're bitching at those of us taking up the slack. Seriously, if you're going to do it, JUST DO IT. 

Also, find a way to interview transfers. Please, because it's just more dead-weight we can't afford, literally and figuratively, at a time like this. And make sure, please, that they are actually trained in the areas we hired them to work in. Because, again, it makes the work twice as hard on the long-timers who are struggling to do the work of three people as it is.

I'm really wondering just how much further you can push the oldies in this building before we walk. And then who will you have to run things?

You want to see how far you can push it?

No Love,

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