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Not Alone

Thank you SO much to everyone that responded to my mopey little post the other night. It's just... been a hell of a week. And it's starting to look like I'm wading into another one. I don't know what I would do without you guys as my voices of reason. I'll be replying back to the post a little later in the day. I would have before now, but I've been avoiding everything but Tumblr since Friday [except to post the chapter]. I just have to get in the right headspace to remember that I'm not an utter failure at times.

But yes. I love you all so much and wish I didn't get in moods like this. I really blame RL. And I'm forever grateful to have friends like you guys. If the road has to be rough, I'm so glad that I have you. *snuggles you all*
Tags: f-list love

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