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Gacked from cardinalximenez's post on scans_daily:

Terry Moore has previously announced that Francine and Katchoo would return in time for SiPs 20th anniversary next year, and has now announced what form their return would take (spoilers for those who haven´t read the entire series)...

A full-length novel with the occasional illustrations throughout. I´d hoped for a comic, but a new SiP story is cause for celebration any which way, shape or form.

Mr. Moore elaborated in an interview with Afterellen.com:

Will the 2013 story be a single issue or a mini-series?

The Strangers in Paradise story for 2013 will be a full-length novel, with some illustrations. There are several reason for that: I have too much story to draw. I want to write novels, and more specifically, I want SiP to be my first novel. I don't want to make another series that suffers from my usual low orders in the comic book direct market. It's crazy for me to keep making mainstream fiction and then release it only in stores catering to Marvel-DC iconography. My orders are the same today as they were in 1996. The message is clear: that is all I can do in the comics market. If I want SiP to grow, I'm going to have to add on another market. The SiP novel will be my crossover book.

What made you decide to revisit Kat and Fran?

Well, to be honest, I never actually left. I just shushed you guys out of the house. I went on to work on other projects, but I have not mentally moved on or moved away from the girls. I can't, they're too deeply ingrained in me. I always knew I wanted to make more, but I thought if I took a break and stretched myself on other stories and art styles, I'd come back a better creator and make something fresh. Now with the 20th anniversary of SiP next year, the time feels right. And, I'm amazed that the book hasn't faded away. Thrilled is a better word. Readers are very loyal to Francine and Katchoo. I've had a lot of encouragement.

Can you give us any hints about where the story will pick up?

It's in the now. You remember them as being interesting and cute ... back then. But the world has changed, we've changed, so we may also worry they'll come back looking dated. If they did come back trying to do what they did before, it wouldn't work, it'd be embarrassing, like a '70s band reunion. But they are certain people who you see after some years and they have grown and evolved with the world and you encounter them and they blow you away. You think, "Holy crap, they're cooler now than before!" That's the impression I have in my mind with the new story: I saw them today and they are so freaking cool. Now, what they're up to, I'm not saying... yet.

Still can't get my brain around this awesome. Pre-ordered THE DAY they allow it. That's all there is to it. I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE TO BE COMPLETE!

...does it show that I'm a complete Strangers junkie? Who owns the statues and a ton of collectibles?

YEEEEAH, I think it does.

*turns into a puddle of happy goo*
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