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Just Working On One of Our Three On-Going Projects

I can't wait for you guys to finally see all of the work that saavikam77, Anissa, and I have put into the series we're working on, but thankfully it back-ends into Love and Other Headaches.  I'm as proud of what we've done here as I am of Little Secrets and that says a lot, as it's my baby. The amount of planning and research that's going into this is nothing short of amazing.

And have I mentioned that E is a saint? Because if I haven't before, I will now. It's been a wild, wild year of working on this between and around projects, but I truly adore the way this is turning out. It's been a rough road, but this is going to one of those pieces that I will read over and over again even after it's published. This is one of the ones that will always stay with me. :D

*snugglessaavikam77* We have a little further yet to go and some polishing and revision, but I wanted to say now while I'm in the moment, I'll love you forever for taking the journey with us, darling, no matter how difficult it's been at times for everyone involved. We couldn't have done this without you.
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