Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

A SV Lana Moment (AKA: I Don't Waaaannna!)

Well, this is it. Vacation is over and I have to stumble back into the mad house. I don't want to go back to work. At all. I really don't want to dive head-first back into the in-fighting and drama that's taken over the normally-sane people at my job. It just sucks. Badly. And I can't request time off for another five months or so. *sigh* Ick-yuck. *crosses arms, pouts, and sighes again*

Well, in other news and speaking of insanity, the newest chappie is going strong. 932 words and 2 pages as of last night. The aftermath of Kitty's desperate act, Superman attempting to rescue Metropolis, and a little time spent with those holding down the fort at the Planet has already been written. And it seem that there will be some travelling in this one. I wonder where to? *evil grin* 

Hopefully I can get so wrapped up in that that this week won't matter. *crosses fingers*
Tags: little secrets progress reports, work suckage

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