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A Little Sneaky-Peek... :)

I was thinking that since it's just a few of us that are hanging around here, it might not hurt to show just a bit of a teaser for Act Three while we're waiting for Lex. Nothing too much, I don't want to spoil the surprises for you, but just to give you an idea of what's going on. You have to pretend to be surprised on Post-Day, though. ;) Even your eyes haven't touch this, Barbara.


Richard and Clark were both laughing as they waited on their luggage.  “So then the witch says, ‘What stepping stones?’”

Clark chuckled, shaking his head.  “Where do you get these, Richard?  They’re so bad they’re funny.”

“Dumb jokes dot com,” he replied.  “No, seriously.  They have stuff I haven’t heard since grade school.  Like the one about two guys walking into a bar…”

“And the third one ducks,” Clark said, grinning, and then felt as sudden pang as he remembered just who had sprung that one on him.  Lois and her warped sense of humor.

“Yeah,” Richard said.  “You all right, Kent?  You look a little melancholy there.  Homesickness is supposed to happen when you’re away, not when you get back.”

Clark forced a laugh.  “Well, I guess it never really hit me how much I missed home until I got here,” he replied, feeling that casual remark echo through the past two months, back to the first moment he’d stepped from the spacecraft and seen green corn again, felt the breeze on his face.  “I mean, we were a little too busy to be nostalgic down in Mexico.”

“True,” Richard replied with a sigh.  “It’s a good thing those guys in Tijuana can’t aim worth a damn.”

They can aim just fine, Richard, they just weren’t counting on me catching the bullets, Clark thought.  He’d had to be very quick, faster than Richard could even see, and thankfully the smugglers were far enough away that they thought they’d simply missed.  “Being a reporter’s more dangerous now than it used to be,” he said quietly.  “People target us specifically.”

“A free press is a dangerous thing,” Richard countered, “to people involved in illegal activities and to oppressive governments.  They fear us, rightly, and they’re willing to go to anything lengths to maintain their secrecy.  But if we didn’t do our jobs, we’d be letting those people win.  And I for one am not inclined to let them win.”

Clark just nodded thoughtfully.  Any possibility of making an intelligent and insightful reply shattered at the sound of a woman’s voice.  A familiar woman’s voice, raised cheerfully.  “Clark!  Hey, Clark, fancy meeting you here!”

Richard saw Clark turn to look, and suddenly break into a wide, boyish grin as the voice’s owner made her way through the crowd.


Hope that will tide you over. :)

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