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As Lo Sounds Like A Broken Record

How has this week been?

Let's ask a far-future member of the LS crew.

[Yep, someone's been watching Lost Girl and someone has plaaaaaans.]

ETA: Nevermind. Work is out for the night. Couldn't tell them the real reason for the call-out, but they wouldn't understand. Panic attacks suck and I'm never 100% right afterwards. Takes several hours for me to get right again and I can't do that at Customer Service. Also, didn't post this for sympathy. People should know that this is a thing that happens and it's real and it's horrible and you really have no control over it. It's especially bad when you work in the service industry. This isn't just a 'suck it up and deal' kinda thing. There's really not much that can control mine and even meds don't always keep it at bay. Just some food for thought.
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