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As My Thirteen-Year-Old Theater Geek Self Comes To The Fore


I'm not going into how important this musical is to me. I can't. It'll take days. Of all the musicals we covered while I was in high school, this is the one that touched my heart so much that I know the entire libretto. THE ENTIRE LIBRETTO. I own all of the versions of the soundtrack, including the international cast for the anniversary.

And now this, with this gorgeous cast, for my birthday this year? Really? Promise? No take-backs?

God, now make a good-quality spot-on Miss Saigon and I can die happy. And make me adore the new Eponine, please? I practiced that part so many times and she's my baby. I love the whole entire cast, but she's my most precious.

Tags: les miserables, lois is a geek, theater nerd alert

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