Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

A Little Respite While The Writers Get Their Behinds In Gear

Well, it seems that someone misses the vid posts that I missed this week. And seeing as how I've missed a vital week of YouTubing...I'm more than happy to oblige. I even have a few vids for Justice League II, the sequel to the Justice League Project, for the fans. That guy...wow.

World's Finest's Trailer-Ferdalump

SR: I'm Still Here-Tomzilla13

SV: Dance Inside-21supergirl21

SV: Somebody Else-alexusluthor

SV: Over My Head (Clana/Chlark/Clois)-unsuspect3d (Yes, I know there's ZombieClana, but the Clois is worth it!)

Justice League II-Theaterical Trailer A

Justice League II-Theaterical Trailer B

Justice League II: Clois- TV Spot 11: A Guy In A Red Cape

Justice League II: Chloe-TV Spot 4: Stick To The Main Plot

Justice League II: Team-TV Spot 13: I Need A Nightlife

(What do you say, JL fans? Shall I post the rest of his current vids? :D)

And two funny repeats for bistyboo1974!

SV: Lana, Chloe, and Lois-KILL THE BDA! (I'm Sorry)

SV: Cast- Keep On Dancin'!

Tags: clois videospam, smallville videospam

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