Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Dead On One's Feet...

I'm so exhausted right now that I really want to say, "Home now. Tired. Bed," but I'm a little more responsible than that.

I promise to post all the pics and videos when I get up in the morning, along with just how wonderful it was to finally see Caroline in the flesh (and you're so welcome for the coffee, love! Our treat!) as well as tales of dead bunnies *OMFG snort* and beautiful posters (have I mentioned again how much I love you? :D), but for the moment I have to apologize to everyone. 

We had planned to have everything done on the chapter by now, but we're not quite to the end of the chapter and still have three more scenes to write, sooo we're going to have to ask B when a good beta time is after tomorrow and shoot to have it in by then. Since I'm still off until Tuesday and Anissa goes back Monday, we should have a chance to finish it with it only being a day or two late. The working titles are both 'Snow White Queen' and 'Lex vs. Lois', so you can guess what this one's about.

Okay, now it's off to bed before I pass out and drool in the computer. Love you all and it's good to be home to LJ. Not to Florida, mind you, but to LJ. 

Tags: vacation insanity

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