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Annnd It's Finally Finished!

The fic index is currently operational and updated through Christmas. I still need to get the Across The Universe index updated and start the index for Love and Other Headaches, but we're in a much better boat than we used to be. It's a lot prettier and cleaner. I have to thank saavikam77 for the idea to get it more stream-lined and januaried for aiding and abetting. It was a hell of an undertaking. I loathe losing the banners, but they're still stored and I might figure out a system to use them again at some point. I just wish they all had banners for a better look, but hey. I love the ones I have. 

But yeah, there's that finished. *does a little dance*

However, it does look like I'm going to have to go back and MANUALLY fix my tags. *grumps*
Tags: shiiiiiny!

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