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Friday the 13th Don't Scare Me A'tall

Actually, twisted as it sounds, they're usually good days for me. My luck system is entirely backwards. I actually LIKE black cats to cross my path.

Also, as I've been remiss in posting it, but not saying it, happiest birthday to my gorgeous and all-too-wonderous januaried. I looove you, bb, and I hope this year is so damn good that you won't know what hit you. *tacksnuggles*

The updates on the FIL aren't too many and sad, so I'm avoiding it for now. Needless to say, he's going to be back in the hospital for a bit. Now it's just a case of finding the balance in our lives again. I just hope that they can get him some help there that we aren't able to do here. Maybe, just maybe, they'll get him to try to care about himself since we can't get through to him.

In happier news, we're going to go ahead with a projected start date of the 28th with Love and Other Headaches, especially since we have the first chapter going so well. It's not going to be enough to post tomorrow and ATU is next week, so yeah. In two weeks. *keeps fingers crossed that RL doesn't screw that up* I think the opening scene is absolutely adorable and I'm sure Jason REALLY wants to throttle Tim for the awful name he's been saddled with until that moment. Oh, Batclan, how nuts you drive the Supers. XD

YAY! Now off to work!
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