Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

It's Only Five Hours, Thirty-Four Minutes, And Odd Seconds...

...until we pack up and head out to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, our second home (and our eventual permanent home). I'm so excited that I'm going out of my mind with it. We did get the good computer, so we should still be able to post updates and I should be able to make my daily replies. If not, I'll make sure that sean_montgomerygets the news and will post it on her LJ (If you don't mind, twin!). Pics and all will be coming shortly. And Caroline, we can't wait to see you Friday. Will be sending an email to update you on our plans and to decide when we'll meet!

The plotting goes well thus far for Chapter Forty-One. And seeing as how we have a nine-hour drive ahead of us, we'll most likely have it all plotted out before we even get to the cabin. And those faint of heart should be forewarned: we've only just begun to Luthor portion of the story. There is more to come. :) Two reminders and say them with me: First, This time they're going to have to work for it and Second, Things are never quite as they seem in Little Secrets. Don't worry, guys. We'll make it worth your while and don't think we don't hurt for them, too.

And I'm so glad the cabin has cable and that we have the computer for YouTube...

Can you say "Lana Go BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!"?

Tags: crack!ville complaints (pre-season 8), vacation insanity

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