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Where the *%# Have Lois and Anissa Been for the Last Month?!?!

Go to Anissa's post and read all about it.  Not included: Lois' work-related fuckery.  It's the biggest retail holiday of the year coming up!  Guess which fucktard manager is trying to cut hours and not hire any new seasonal employees!  Guess which crew is ready to kill him, each other, and the customers!  (Why yes, this WAS posted by Anissa.  Two f-bombs in three sentences was your hint.)

*This is Lois dropping in about eight hours after the fact. Yeah, it's been pretty bad over here the last few weeks. I hate that we're blowing deadlines left and right, but the stress has been just too damn much lately. Between the both of us being sick and Anissa's dad being worse and worse off and things at my job being worse than insane, nothing has really gotten done on the current stories. It's just been enough to beat the hell out of some of our muses.

This isn't to say that we don't plan to be back to the grind shortly, but it may take a little longer. There's no plan to drop everything, and I have gotten a couple of questions about that from some fandom quarters, but it may be a little closer to Christmas before everything is back in complete order. I hate it, but it honestly can't be helped at the moment.

Yes, it's that bad over here right now. I hadn't planned to share, but being this disorganized isn't like me and I didn't want to keep my readers and friends and family hanging. So nope, I'm not going anywhere. The writing will be back, but maybe a little slower than I'd like. And yeah, rough times. We'll survive this. We always do. *winks at saavikam77
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