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So Yeah... *shuffles feet*

I just got a text telling me that we're going to be receiving 700 pieces of freight nightly this week at the job.

For those of you that don't work retail, that's a lot. Especially if you only have a four-man crew to work it and then backstock it at night and you're part of that crew. Don't fool yourselves that BB&B has a separate cleaning and stock crew. It's all done by the employees you see working through the store. WE are the ones that do all of it.

I tell you this because there's NO WAY that we're going to manage an Across the Universe chapter this week with me under the gun like this. We also have the opener to Love and Other Headaches to get finished and to beta and I don't know if we'll manage that either, even with it more than a third done.

Start week on LaOH, BTW, is being stated as November 19. It would be sooner, but all of the RL stuff keeps mucking with us. But rest assured, the muses are wide-awake and talking. It's just the fact that I'm not home enough to keep the ball rolling as much as I'd like.

So, yeah. No ATU this week, but it shall return next Saturday. LaOH is set to roll out on Saturday the 19th.

saavikam77, we're still full-steam-ahead on our stuff as it's bouncing back and forth. And it's the only thing keeping me sane. *smishes*
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