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The Little Secrets AU Index [Updated: 12/17/12]

The Little Secrets AU:

[every attempt was made to link all of it here to LJ, but alas, some of the links seem to have been lost in the ether.]

Read My Mind: Twenty Years Ago :: Words: 4,291 :: Published: 8-22-09

A brief peek into the lives of Lana Lang, Lois Lane, Clark Kent, and Richard White, set twenty years before Little Secrets. Written for the timestamp meme on LiveJournal.

Snapshots: Glimpses into the past of the Little Secrets universe, set in the time between the Reeveverse films. Little looks into the moments that fell between the cracks.

A Pre-Destined Alignment :: Words: 6,304 :: Published: 8-28-10

Clark is finally settling into his role at the Planet as he ponders his next steps toward his mission and what to make of his desk partner. Meanwhile, Lois has been given the chance to gain the coveted star reporter's position. What happens next is Fate.

A Kind of Holiday Warmth and Cheer :: Words: 3,756 :: Published: 12/17/2012

It's Clark's first Christmas in the trenches at the paper, only a few months after his arrival, and Lucy Lane decides that it's just not fitting for this nice guy to be eating a frozen turkey dinner and watching TV alone all night. Perfect solution? Dinner with the Lanes. Nice way to make things awkward between Lois and Clark, Luce.

In the Light of Day :: Words: 3,848 :: Published: 8-18-07

Just a day in the life of Lois Lane and Clark Kent, back in the days before disappearances and twins. Especially when a normal day includes Lois breaking it off with her shrink boyfriend for 'something more in blue'.

In the Dark of Night :: Words: 3,982 :: Published: 8-18-07

The always daring Lois Lane has discovered a lead on corruption in high places, only to find herself caught. Where's a Superman when you need him?

Light Up The Sky :: Words: 3,838 :: Published: 7-30-08

The perils of being a star reporter: Lois is constantly late to family gatherings. But, then again, there are certain perks to the job.

Lighter Than Air :: Words: 919 :: Published: 2-2-10

A chance meeting at a late summer charity ball leads to an interesting moment for Lois and Superman. A shame nothing is what it seems.

All I Want For Christmas :: Words: 6,899 :: Published: 12-24-08

At the last Christmas party before their worlds finally collide, both Lois and Kal-El have plenty on their minds as destiny draws closer with the help of a crimson dress and the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg.

A Spark in the Tinderbox :: Words: 4,835 :: Published: 1-30-10

With things somehow stalled with Superman after their moment at Christmas and Clark more longing than ever, Lois decides that Perry's little assignment in Niagara Falls is the perfect time to test a theory...

Such Great Heights [Part One; Part Two] :: Words: 6,581 :: Published: 1-30-10

Two attempts to trick Clark out of his secret down, one to go. On assignment in Niagara Falls, Lois has decided that enough is enough with the men in her life. Turnabout is fair play when you suspect a triangle for two.

The Glow of Embers After :: Words: 3,367 :: Published: 6-20-09

It's been six weeks since the Zod Squad nearly took over the world and Kal-El betrayed Lois with a kiss. And for all the nobility of his choice, he's finding it harder to live with his decision than he thought.

Wintersong :: Words: 2,692 :: Published: 1-2-10

On a cold December night when the twins are two years old, Lois Lane makes a decision that will greatly affect her future and those of her children.

Little Secrets [Proper]:: Words: 500,107 :: Published in sum: 4-5-08

Set after the events of SII, Lois Lane's memories return, leaving her to struggle alone with events now revealed, as well as two little secrets she never imagined. Her life moves on. But when Superman reappears on Earth, can they repair what they've lost?

Post-script Oneshots: Following the cast as life progresses onward, quite like Snapshots in the little windows they provide into the future and the adventures ahead.

Making New Traditions :: Words: 1,697 :: Published: 6-3-08

An excerpt from the Lane Family Thanksgiving Dinner. Why can't we have a nice, normal traditional holiday like other families? Ever? [Taken further from the chapter, Blessings in Disguise.]

Thursday Night (Giving Thanks) :: Words: 3,879 :: Published: 12-24-07 [Rated: Mature]

After the pillow fight in the chapter Black Friday and before waking up to tell the Planet a certain secret about the twins, did anyone wonder why we ended that scene without even a kiss?

Christmas with the Kents [Part One; Part Two]:: Words: 9,940 :: Published in sum: 12-25-06

Set in the future of Little Secrets, this is the first Christmas together for Lois and her Superman, and their twins Jason and Kala. And it seems that Daddy and the twins have a surprise in store for Mommy. Our story begins on Christmas Eve… [This is the original version of the events in the Little Secrets chapters, Upon a Midnight Clear and Tidings of Great Joy.]

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation, by Richard White :: Words: 6,700 :: Published: 5-31-08

Anyone ever wonder what happened during those days over Christmas that Richard White and Lana Lang spent in the Bahamas while the Lanes and the Kents were back in Metropolis? [INCOMPLETE]

The Final Word :: Words: 3,354 :: Published: 10-27-07

A bet almost a decade old between Steve 'Grizzly' Lombard and Jimmy Olsen comes back to get the former quarterback where it hurts. Especially when Lois realizes that it was made about her...and her fiance. [Set during Little Secrets chapter, Old, New, Borrowed, Blue just before the scene Two Weeks ‘Til]

Lois Lane versus Gazeera :: Words: 2,523 - Published: 11-22-07

It's the ultimate showdown in the Little Secrets Universe. Reporter versus Reptile. The City Room Tornado versus The Dinosaur of Doom. Lois 'Mad Dog' Lane versus Ignatius 'Gazeera' the Iguana. May the best badass win.

The More Things Change :: Words: 5,454 :: Published: 7-11-08

Three months after the wedding of Clark and Lois, a large portion of the 'Family' gets together for an eventful Fourth of July.

Navigating an Orchards of Mines :: Words: 6,276 :: Published: 9-8-10

Also known as Five Ways Lois Lane Failed At Domesticity...And One Way She Pwned. The first few months of any marriage are full of surprises. And a couple of reality checks on your partner. Lois never claimed to be a housewife type; now Clark sees why.

The Perils of Popularity :: Words: 954 :: Published: 9-6-08

Clark has a question for his wife. It seems that they've grown popular enough to become a staple for the Daily Planet rumor mill.

Connections :: Words: 6,606 :: Published: 10-6-07

There's a time in every marriage when you finally start to set boundaries and start to realize that you share everything. Sometimes it goes well, other times not so. Welcome to the first stumbling block in the Lane-Kent marriage.

A Small Matter of Some Gravity :: Words: 2,226 :: Published: 5-1-09

Set in the first year of the Lane-Kent marriage, Kala decides to take a chance to be just like Daddy, with dubious results. Known in our household as 'The Lane Doesn't Fall Far From the Swing'.

Jason Kent and the Creature from the Deep :: Words: 2,998 :: Published: 5-15-09

Escaping from the slushly bitterness of Metropolis in January, the family retreats to the warmth of Lana's beach house in the Bahamas. But as the warmth soothes the winter from their bones, no one knows of the creature Jason is stalking...

If It’s Meant to Be [Part One; Part Two]:: Words: 8,019 :: Published: 4-17-07

Their first year together has been a rollercoaster. Knowing that time away is a must, a certain Kryptonian is whisking his wife off to Paris for an adventure all on their own. Which suits Lois' anniversary plans fine.

Lois Lane’s Rules on Raising Jedi Twins :: Words: 804 :: Published: 12-16-09

Richard's need to feed the twins' Star Wars obsession has the usual results. Now don't everyone thank Mr. White at once.

With Clouds Between Their Knees :: Words: 1,530 :: Published: 2-2-10 [Rated: Mature]

After the ten millionth time she'd heard the joke, Lois decides that if she's been said to have joined the mile-high club, she's damn well going to try.

Great Expectations [Part One; Part Two]:: Words: 10,489 :: Published: 6-24-07

Father's Day has arrived and Lois Lane is keeping a little secret – again. Only this time, it's a joyful one. Hmm, could this have something to do with what they discussed in Paris two months ago?

On Wings of Steel :: Words: 2,302 :: Published: 1-12-10

When Clark mentions a fear of flying anything but himself, Richard decides that something should be done about it. And goes about solving this problem in his usual Richard way. But, in the end, it's about whatever works...

An Echo of Legend :: Words: 3,919 :: Published: 2-15-09

For Valentine's Day, Lois decides to reenact the first interview. Inspired by 'The Date' portion of Adventures of Superman #613, with many liberties taken.

Unfamiliar [Part One; Part Two] :: Words: 11,368 :: Published: 8-21-08 [Rated: Mature]

Lois puts herself in a very unfamiliar situation while trying to assuage Clark's guilt over a recent accident.

Invisible Donkeys :: Words: 1,823 :: Published: 7-17-10

Sometimes it's amazing just how easy it is for Lois and Richard to make a simple Christmas present request into an in-joke at one another's expense. Twice, even.

At the Closing of the Year :: Words: 3,494 :: Published: 12-19-09

In the grand tradition of all Lane-Kent holidays, Clark Kent wants one last perfect present. And Lois has one more reason than usual to want to strangle him with the tinsel.

Before the Clock Strikes Twelve :: Words: 1,158 :: Published: 1-1-09

A stolen moment for our favorite couple on New Years Eve two years before Heirs to the House of El. Spoilers for Little Secrets and a bit of Snapshots: Light Up The Sky.

Intimidation :: Words: 8,024 :: Published: 10-6-07

It started out as a typical summer for the Lane-Kent twins, now fourteen, spending time at Grandma and Grandpa Ben's farm. Although it seems there's a new bully in town and Kala might just have to take matters into her own hands.

Of Pancakes and Early Mornings :: Words: 5,736 :: Published: 9-19-08

Set the summer before All's Fair in Love, War, and the Front Page. For Lana's birthday, the twins and their little sister decide that a surprise is in order..

All’s Fair in Love, War, and the Front Page [Part One; Part Two]:: Words: 7,042 :: Published: 2-9-07

It's Valentine's Day in the Lane-Kent household as the usual insanity of the holiday abounds. Especially for the fifteen year old Kala and Jason.

20 Random Facts About the Little Secrets-verse Lois and Clark ::

Words: 3,586 :: Published: 10-24-07

Just some tiny little details of the Little Secrets universe from the leads. Written for quirkycirce's 20 Random Facts Fest on Livejournal.!

Heirs to the House of El :: Words: 453,348 :: Published: 12-18-10

The sequel to Little Secrets. Ten years ago, a devil's bargain and one little secret won them ten years of freedom. Now that same secret may come back to destroy all they've built.

Sessions: From the Files of Dr. Elliot Marrin :: Words: 22,582 :: Published: 6-25-11

Everyone in the LS-verse knows Dr. Marrin. Celebrated child psychologist. Lois Lane's analytical ex. In the aftermath of Heirs, who do you turn to but the best for the kids? Even if it means turning the spotlight on the whole family at the same time.

Illogically Iconic :: Words: 4,754 :: Published: 10-17-09

In an unknown future, the Legion of Superheroes recruit some help in finding a rogue villain and, in doing so, gain a new perspective on an legendary moment in superhero history.

An All-Too-Silent Night [Part One; Part Two]:: Words: 4,700 :: Published: 12-24-11

The first Christmas with an empty apartment leads to realizations. This guy is actually just within the opening period of Love and Other Headaches, within two years after Heirs to the House of El ending. So, a few spoilers here and there, but too many.

Love and Other Headaches :: Words: :: Published: Currently On-Going

The continuing adventures of the Lane-Kent family, in the years that span between Heirs and the forthcoming Blood Will Tell. The journey toward destiny is never an easy one, but the road is rarely dull. Especially when you're in this family.

Blood Will Tell [forthcoming]
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