Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Late Week Progress Report

Okay, guys, sorry for the lack of updates this week. It's been a rough one at work and it's been all I could do to hold it together there. The good news is that the new chapter, In the Belly of the Beast, is now up to 4,089 words and eight pages. Lex and Lois are reunited and the face-off has begun. Kal-El is frantically trying to find both she and the twins. And Richard and Lana find a surprise visitor at the Planet who has joined the search team without the rest of the family knowing. 


“Oh, no, Ms. Lane,” Luthor replied. “I wouldn’t shoot you. Not only am I not carrying a gun, but live bait is far more effective at luring the big ones.” Giving that only a second to register in her mind, he continued, “The boys are waiting inside – I wouldn’t want them to get overexcited, and do something regrettable. No, this is between you and me, Ms. Lane. You and me, and one other…” 

His voice trailed off, and a moment later Lois heard what she’d been dreading most: Jason’s shaky voice. “M-Mommy?”

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