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24 September 2011 @ 03:09 pm
And There It Is, In A Nutshell [DCnU]  
Yep, other than the break-up of the Clois marriage, what else pisses me off about the way things are going over there? You really wanna know?

Well, allow me to pass this on. There's sexy and then there's gross. Especially when artwork is involved. And on the Starfire issue, I know Jay can be a troll. Jason Todd can be an enormous troll when given the rope to do so [still love him, though], but the 'She's with us' line? The follow-up is just too much. Even for The Great Trollholio. 

Just. Ewwwww.
On the Verge of: discontentdisgusted
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glorygirl72glorygirl72 on September 24th, 2011 07:35 pm (UTC)

What kills me is they totally stepforded Kory (Or should I say Kori, since even her damn name got the bimbo upgrade) in the creepiest way possible. And then they explained it like, oh yeah Tamerians don't remember people, or events or anything like that, even ones that define their lives and they almost marry. Nope, only things that register with them are things they can smell and touch and fuck who or whatever is standing in front of them at any given moment! You know, like animals! Cause you know, their not human! Sure they managed to build an entire fucking space empire and stuff, but you don't need long term memories for that shit do you? It's great characterization, right?

So her entire history is gone. Any depth or growth she achieved is no more. The Kory we know is dead and the one we have now both fights and fucks on demand.

I just...Grrrrrr. My feral rage is unending with nuDC. And the thing that kills me is it feels like only my favorite characters are getting the screw over on this reboot. It's like they have a list and going down it one by one. Who does Kim love and how can we fuck them up in the most insulting way possible?! Lois & Clark? Kill the marriage and make her date a douche! Catwoman? Lets turn her book into a wank mag for 14 yr old boys! Kory? Oh that ones easy, turn her into a sexbot!

Thank god Carol, Tony and Steve are in the hands of Marvel and in the boys case have some healthy movie franchises to protect them.

Now? have vented. I'm going to go drink. Sorry about the mess.

Edited at 2011-09-24 07:36 pm (UTC)
Lois: Lois :: Thoughtfulkalalanekent on September 24th, 2011 08:06 pm (UTC)
I have to admit that I've never been the most interested in the world with the female Titans [I kinda stick to the JLA, Supers, Bats, and BoP], but the whole thing with Kory just sucks. I never quite understood her in the old continuity [wait, DC had that?], but I'm just completely grossed out by what they're doing here. She and Dick were supposed to have had a valid relationship, so the first thing they do have her have EXTREMELY casual sex with Dick's brother-Bat and Roy? Really? And no memory of her past? At all? Oh, how convenient! It's just gross as hell. I don't even really know the character and I'm horrified for her.

The Clois situation makes me want to yakk. Seriously. Like, everywhere. It's good to see that she's a boss and that she seems to at least have her professional shit in gear, she deserves it, but the boyfriend and the way she handles Clark? *takes deep breath* Have to let that one go before I lose my mind.

And the whole of the Catwoman thing? It's just stupid. She's always been amazing and most of the time on the fairly subtle-sexy side [meaning that her costume may be skin-tight, but there's a reason for it and she's usually covered from head-to-toe, anyway. Skin-tight, I can live with. A naked body with a little bit of fabric? Not so much]. So yeah, Selina's sexy. Selina's always been sexy. And yep, she and Bruce have been having sex on and off for years. This, again, is nothing new.

HOWEVER, the way she was depicted in her own first issue? Will someone please call up Michelle Pfeiffer's version and send her over to give her lessons, please? Because this made me think of Selina's little speech to the girl in the alleyway in Batman Returns. Am I meant to see this as her being a strong person? When my first view of her is three panels of her breasts in a red bra? Really? And let's not go into that last panel. PLEASE let's not. Like it's something badass and sexy as hell if you two have been having sexy long enough to be that comfortable doing it, but keep the masks on and most of the costumes and STILL don't know who each really is. Oh, yes, please. That's healthy.

glorygirl72glorygirl72 on September 24th, 2011 08:44 pm (UTC)
Your nerd rage, I feel it. I mean I keep thinking maybe it can’t get any worse, AND THEN IT DOES.

The thing that kills me is that DC has always had the more iconic female characters and the only thing they can generally think of doing with them is madonna or whore/bitch (Because we all know the difference between the two to a certain type of d bag). Honestly it’s like these guys think that if a woman is sexual in any way then that is all she is.

I mean every once and a while a good writer comes along and for that run all is forgiven but then inevitably it changes and goes right back to the same old crap. And the reboot is all of that times a ba-gillion.

I actually read a review that flat out called both the Outlaws and Catwoman wank books. There has a to a particular type of lizard brain reasoning going on at DC where they thought that this is a good direction for these books or these characters. I just want to match up to DC headquarters and yell through a megaphone, “BOYS! These characters Don’t. Just. Belong. To. You. They belong to all the girls out there who dream of being a hero and identify with them just like you do with Batman, Superman and all the rest. You do not get to make them act out all of your adolescent sex fantasies. That is that is what fan fiction is for!”

Welcome to the nuDC, where feminism went to die apparently.
athenesolon: STM Impish smileathenesolon on September 25th, 2011 04:55 am (UTC)
Oh god, I am just so extremely furious with DC right now I can't stand it. Honestly. What. the.. HELL are they thinking with the Catwoman one. The link you used doesn't have all of the panels leading up to it and it lays out the case against that scene pretty damned decisively (I think DCwomenkickingass had those pages on her tumblr but I don't see them there now.) That's not sex, that's rape, it doesn't matter if it's female or male, there is NO reason in the world that should be tolerated and especially in the case of protagonists. I don't know enough about the Starfire one to speak to it but I'm 100% certain that if I showed those pages to a friend of mine that is a HUGE Teen Titans fan she would be absolutely furious.