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15 Favorite Characters and Fandoms [Yep, I Cheated A Little]

Gacked from ellenemi

List fifteen of your favorite characters from different fandoms, and ask people to spot patterns in your choices, if they're so inclined

01. Lois Lane [Reeveverse/Smallville]
02. Superman/Clark Kent [Reeveverse/Smallville]
03. Michael Samuelle [La Femme Nikita]
04. Nikita Wirth [La Femme Nikita]
05. Madeline [La Femme Nikita]
06. Hermione Granger [Harry Potter movieverse]
07. Effie Stonem [Skins UK]
08. Tony Stonem [Skins UK]
09. Jason Todd [DCU] [I blame saavikam77 completely]
10. Sarah Williams [Labyrinth]
11. Cesare Borgia [The Borgias]
12. Lucrezia Borgia [The Borgias]
13. Alice Liddell [American McGee's Alice]
14. Tess Mercer [Smallville]
15. Ellen Parsons [Damages]
Tags: not another meme

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