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A Little Update and A Spoiler

<- Yep, another up-coming one from the Multiverse since we're still messing with this week's ATU. This one should raise a couple of eyebrows. MWAHAHAHA!

And several of you have commented on the fact that the Fic Index is down. That's because LJ ate the entries when I went to adjust a pic. So, guess who has to update and redo the whole thing? Yep. Everything is still available and can still be reached via the tags, but it may take me a little while to fix this. That's a LOT of fic and was just updated for Awards Season. Dammit. Oh, well, I can make it look neater. I can. I think.

Also my much-adored januaried helped me set up the new layout. Purdy, huh? :D

kalalanekent kalalanekent kalalanekent

Not sure how long I'm going to hold on to this banner, but it suits for the moment.
Tags: illuminated multiverse art and spoilers, layout

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