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A Sense of Beauty and History, Even In The Strangest Places

I really need to get back into Urban Exploration like I used to be. Honestly, there are so many glorious old building be allowed to rot away with no record of the workmanship or the history of people that pass through those halls. Sometimes they are just abandoned with most of their contents. Schools, churches, hospitals, left to rot for sometimes six decades or more.

The money isn't there to restore them or give them any of the respect they are due. Sometimes it would take less money to restore and bulldoze and build something entirely different and with no character. Although at times we get lucky and they're saved.

Pics are all from Opacity. Click for the article.

But these are the very lucky exception. Some are just left until they literally fall apart. Breaks my heart. And then you have this epidemic of kids that go in and break antique stained glass windows and feel the need to use spray paint to tag every thing. Sickening. To destroy something of such quiet loveliness. Another example? Sure!

A real UE? They have respect enough for the locations they visit to touch nothing and take nothing more than pictures. We want nothing more than to see for ourselves the past that is right there in front of people, yet ignored every day by those that no longer even notice it. We have a need to show people that there is beauty left in those things left behind.

It wounds me to see what happens to them. In the last few gerenations, so many of these places have been simply covered over and soulless cookie-cutter spring up in their places. When my mind starts to turn toward fall and I have a greater appreciation of the world in general, these images make me wish I could quit my job, write professionally, and have the money to help restore what's been lost. Hell, I'd love to restore one of these churches and make it a library or children's center.

Just look at these photos and consider the possibilities for re-use.

Look at the crumbling ruins and see them with new eyes.

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