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No Regrets

My morning and afternoon has been spent reading serious future sexiness from one of the upcoming epics, rocking out to one of my favorite Pandora stations, drinking Dew, and going through every website I have on hold about Urban Exploration.

This evening will consist of writing on the next chapter of ATU, the last part of the Tales of the Multiverse fic, and more of this future sexiness, as well as enjoying a hard cider.

All of this without angsting over the lack of hours at my job [I'm off without pay for four days this week because they had to cut hours]. I refuse to do it any more.

And I stopped doing it after last week's nervous breakdown, when I finally decided that I needed to start taking something for the anxiety. You know what? I don't even feel like a freak for doing it, like I was afraid of.

I'm on meds for it now; so what? I haven't been trying not to cry at work any longer, I'm not freaking out that my story-lines suck and that's why I'm not getting that many reviews at the moment, and the level of calm in my life in the middle of this storm of money issues is the most refreshing thing in years. I wish now that I had done it earlier and saved everyone the trouble of dealing with me. Not a bit of remorse on this one.

I'm going to make a major effort to just chill the hell out and channel my inner Lois and roll out. it's about frikkin' time. :D

To quote saavikam77's favorite bad boy, "Remorse? For what?" ;)  
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