Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Just A Little Drive-By To Say...

I'm thrilled at the reactions to How Do You Love? so far and thank you all so much for them. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm around less than usual this week, but the last-minute details of the vacation are having to be dealt with and my work-week up until Sunday is just utter madness. I mean this especially to sean_montgomery . I really want to have a chance to talk, but RL just keeps screwing it up.

I also need to take this chance to let all of you know that, while next week's chapter (not this Saturday's, but next Saturday's)  will be on time, there's a possibility that we may not have internet access from the 14th to the 18th because we'll be using the Mother-In-Law's laptop at the cabin. Rest assured, though, that chapter will be out on time. Our trip is going to be a mostly 'writing and resting' one. 

I can say that we have 961 words and 2 pages on the lastest chapter, which includes an update on Ms. Lane's status. Seems that the blueprints for the Gertude in Art of Superman Returns don't quite match up to the reality in the film. Another bit of artistic license as we go with the film version. 

Another damned corner. Lois stopped, slid silently down onto one knee and peered cautiously around the edge of the wall. This hallway was short, ending in the open door to a stateroom.
BTW, TPTB at CW, maybe you should watch this video and get an idea of what they need to state permanently on Smallville...


Okay, all, it's off to get dressed and and head in to work. Wish me luck. *shudders*
Tags: little secrets progress reports, smallville videospam

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