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10 August 2011 @ 01:07 pm
Fallen Down The Rabbit Hole  
The worst part of super-sekrit projects is keeping them quiet.

And this one is pretty super, methinks.

The bad part? Keeping my mouth shut until October.

I wannna shaaaaaaare!

But it'll ruin it.

And I have a ton of stuff I'm making to post with it and annoying januaried  for.

But I caaaaaan't share!


I do these things to myself, really, but the radio silence should totally be worth it when we get done.

I hope.

I reeeeeally hope.

However, I have something to share that I've been looking over a while now. Not sure how many of you are into urban exploration, but this man has the most AMAZING photographs ever. If you love the fallen beauty of abandoned places, this is for you. Hell, if you're just a photog fan, you'll love it as well. Expect to lose a day to this if you venture in. Click the pic to take you there.

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