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In The World of Fandom Madness...

I find solace in challenges. Specifically the current ones attached to the clois_fest  being run by repmetsyrrah  and the smaller challenges from around fandom attached to it. Quite a few good little bunnies popping their heads up and a couple of long-standing ones just begging to be finished. And with the summer version of the Porn Battle coming up, who knows how many fics you'll see from us in the next month?

As for those waiting for replies to the last two posts, I'm trying to get over the frothing rage I feel before replying, otherwise my comments will likely be incoherent and all caps and M<IHUYGFGHSWPOUJW*&NUD! NNHTFTGHMMBRESAZ******!!!!!!!

Yep, it's still like that. I'm quite afraid that, from here on in, it might ALWAYS be like that.

God help us all.

Tags: clois, cloisfest, damn you dc

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