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*In Which I Make Like Katie Ka-BOOM With Links*

Pardon my French, but:


I don't give a shit what they're trying to do here or what 'fascinating journey' they have planned. Especially one that starts painting her as THIS. All of this is just a way to push her aside as if she doesn't matter and give Clark the permission to go out and find someone 'worthy of him' since Lois has suddenly grown DC-canon Cat's morale. What the actual fuck?

I just keep thinking I can't get any madder and then SURPRISE! I discover I can. The whole entire preview just made me want to throw up. Where is my Lois and what the hell have you left in her place? The dialogue alone was enough to make me want to break my screen. 

Just kill it with fire. KILL. IT. WITH. FIRE.

And just because the Fandom!Wondy gif that sadieblodgett@Tumblr posted was perfect, I'm sharing.

That said, screw them. Let's show them we don't need their half-baked bullshit to get our Clois love. SOOO much love to repmetsyrrah  for her exquisite timing. I'm already planning a couple of fics to add and a couple of ideas for more than that. Come on, Clois fans! Let's show them that we can keep this ship afloat on our own.


Reboot? What reboot?
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