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07 July 2011 @ 01:37 pm
I Just...  
Again, I'm blown away by the amount of love our fics got! Thanks to those who went out of their way [I know there were a couple, at least] to get nominations in to us when we had none. *hugs you tight* and thanks to all that are currently voting! I feel awkward sharing the banners, so I'm not even going to post them. Yeah. Again, thank you so much for those voting and good luck at all of us!
On the Verge of: embarrassedembarrassed
saavikam77: Supes Legacysaavikam77 on July 7th, 2011 07:39 pm (UTC)
You've lost me, hon. You work hard in your chosen corner of fandom, roll out some fantastic, fantastic fic, and are awarded for it. How is that bad? I totally look up to you guys for managing such serious feats of ficcish awesomeness.

And honestly, there aren't any other awards out there that I ever get nommed in, besides the World's Finest Awards, and I don't usually do very well over there b/c I don't write much in the fandom anymore (and I didn't do that well when I WAS writing a lot more there). The SMFA is pretty much all I've got. And I beat myself up over it every year b/c I'm not producing enough or the right quality of work to get more than a good handful of noms and a default slash romance win (which, seriously, mithen's work is WAY higher quality than mine, so I feel guilty when her massive following doesn't come over to vote). I keep trying to get my feet wetter and wetter in the fandom, but my muses are so diverse, I can't keep my attention from wandering. :( Hence, idiotic diva moments.

Anyway! I want you guys to be proud of your awesome number of noms, and I'm gonna be proud of my handful, too. B/C the alternative just blows.