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“Well as of an hour and a half ago the verdict on Casey Anthony was heading down and all I can say is the State of Florida I am completely and utterly disgusted with you. The fact that see got off after all the information has been released. I've never been so disgusted and Ms Susan you know this is a whole another level than being disgusted with DP. I really hope that this girl get ___ in the general population and I hope she doesn't last a day. Things like that have a way of coming around and you know what I don't feel at least a little bit of sensation there. It's a pretty sad day when all this residence you know shown and this little girl's life doesn't mean anything. The tattoo alone the fact that a mother can get a tattoo reading it's a beautiful life to all her child is missing disgusting I don't have this I really love ___ and yet her mother is out there being able to do things like this. What a world we live in ladies and gentleman. What a world we live in.”

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