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Just When You're Considering The Door In A Very Real Way...

When you just think you're totally useless, something happens. Something unexpected and completely mudune. But it means something to you, even if the author could have no idea of that when they made it. They couldn't know what it would mean, especially since they've never vidded Reeveverse into anything. And yet, it all makes sense to you. Combine that with a song that was a major theme in your very first work in the fandom and you have a sign. 

I'm going to power through this. I have to. And I can thank this video for why.

ButtnJamz323-Smallville/Reeveverse-Little Wonders

Even if you never see this, thank you for reminding me why I love this fandom and that I have a responsibility to my readers. *hugs you tight*
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