Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Progress Update

It's nice to know that Mondays are good for something! As of 1:00 this afternoon, the chapter currently known as Once Upon A Time is at 2,088 words and 4 pages. And one of the most exciting things in the history of LS has occured. Clois fans, get your hanky and promise me that you'll stick around to finish this story out. Because this is just the beginning...for them.

Now, it doesn't help that Lex has other plans...


And at this moment, I have to once again send some love to 

elliania for all of the beautiful manips that she's made me in the last few months and sasusc for all the capture requests I've begged for. I love you guys for all of this hard work and I hope everyone else appreciates these beauties half as much as I do! And a quick shout out to the most awesome beta team in history, my Mom and my Twin, htbthomas and sean_montgomery, without whom we wouldn't have both audiences covered and half the good times we do! We adore you two SO MUCH! *hugs* 

Sneaking in all the Kat goodness for easy viewing:



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