Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Superman Movieverse Fanfic Awards Eligible Fic 2011

All right, everyone, your Voice of Doom is here to compile our list of eligible fic for the 2011 Superman Movieverse Fanfic Awards.  Everything below (except for "Lips of an Angel: One Breath, One Touch") was coauthored by kalalanekent and anissa7118  and should be credited as such.

LS/Heirs 'verse:

Little Secrets Snapshots Series: A Predestined Alignment (Parts One and Two, also here on ff.net) 

Little Secrets Series: Navigating an Orchard of Mines (also here

Heirs to the House of El (from chapter 44 Kiss the Past Goodbye onward eligible for "Moments" categories) (also here - numbering is different on ff.net, so Kiss the Past Goodbye is chapter 47)

Please note that Heirs is ineligble for several awards it won last year: Best Epic, Best Action, Best Angst/Drama, Best Non-Clois Het Romance, Best Plotting, and Best Use of Supporting Characters.   Additionally, Zod is ineligible for Best Villain and Elise is ineligible for Best Original Character.


Across the Universe:

Across the Universe (also here)

Across the Universe: Being Human (also here)

Across the Universe: As Long as There's Christmas (also here)


Remember What You Told Me: A Reeveverse Red-K Tale Parts One and Two (also here)

This Strange Effect Part Two: Tell Me (also here)

Time After Time: A Superman IV Epilogue Parts One and Two (also here)

Illuminated: A Tale of the Multiverse Parts One and Two (also here)

Lips of an Angel: One Breath, One Touch (also here)  This was written by kalalanekent and should be credited solely to her.

Also, please note that kalalanekent  and anissa7118 are ineligible for all of the People categories.  We won Best Author last year, and we don't review or beta enough to deserve either title.
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