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I Have GOT To Stay Off Tumblr For A Few Days

Because I'll go up to New York and personally give them a piece of my mind. Instead of making me excited, everything I'm hearing is making me want to throw up.

Hey, DC, if you wanted the story-lines to remain relevant, maybe you should have kept up with your own continuity and stopped rebooting character origins and then made a HUGE mess of an "event" to try to shore up canon going back to THE GOLDEN AGE!

The whole damn thing just makes me loathe the comics even more. GOD, I so miss the 80s and 90s. It's no wonder that comics and I parted ways for the most part ten years ago. 

ETA: I think this comment from Diana herself sums up any thoughts of a Clark/Diana relationship. God bless you, DiscoWing@Tumblr. I laughed for the first time this morning because of this.

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