Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

OMFG... Midas Commercial

Okay, by now I know that all the Americans reading this have seen the Midas commercial involving the screaming pack of little girls and the boy with the salamander that almost gets hit. I have to admit, I've seen it before. But it occured to me: what would happen if Jason were to do that? 

Not that you could easily drop Gazeera and be unaware of it, mind you... *snort* But can't you just see that happening and Jason whipping around and hollering 'Ignatius!" in utter terror. Only to turn to see Gazeera planted on the hood of the car with talons sunk in, hissing like a boiling-over tea kettle with his tail lashing, trying to eat the woman's windshield wipers!

*LOL* I nearly sprayed Jazz out of my nose watching that this afternoon.

BTW, does anyone feel up to the challenge of making a Jason icon with Gazeera manipped in? I really need to get one of those and then a full-sized one with the teenage Jason with him perched on his shoulder. 
Tags: little secrets

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