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14 May 2011 @ 11:06 am
Someday, I'll Breathe Again...  
I can't let. It's too fresh. Maybe Sunday night. I just can't believe it's over. But if it had to go, there is no other way I'd rather have it. Brian and Kelly, we owe you SO much. I couldn't contain myself at all the last fifteen minutes, not to mention the fact that you aligned as much as you could with canon, something I thought AlMiles destroyed utterly. I've had faith in you guys for a little while now. Thank you for returning it in spades. There were events that killed me, but I understood why you did it. Even if it hurt like hell. But I have plans for one of them and so I'll see her again.

I just.... *bites lip*

Give it time to sink in.
Lois: SV :: The Suitkalalanekent on May 16th, 2011 05:55 pm (UTC)
It think the thing is, this is SV's Superman and they didn't want him to do a huge turn around in his character at the last second. And they also wanted to make sure they tipped the hat to the entirety of what got him to the point. Had to show why he has to hold on to Smallville and why. Had to reconcile he and Jor-El finally. They especially needed to go more in-depth with Jor-El and his part in the legacy since he all know he's been King Douche on the show for years.

Am I making apologies? Probably. But this is how I saw it.

Actually, yes, they did. Tess is a specifically Smallville edition and they spent the entire finale trying trying to line up canon as best they could. She couldn't really exist in the larger world they were building for the future.

And I think it was more of a bucket list of stuff we fans have wanted for years and they were trying REALLY HARD to give it to us. On a TV budget. I can't think of a single thing we bitched about [other than the occasional 'whatthefuckcanon' Chloe moment] that they didn't resolve.

I think a lot of it for me is that I really see what they were trying to do after all the years of whining, complaints, and bitchfits the fans have had and this really is beyond ANYTHING we had a right to expect when this team took over a few years ago. So I love it all the more for that.

And agreed. I can understand why some don't like it. And I can totally agree to disagree on it. *snugs back*
saavikam77: Destinysaavikam77 on May 16th, 2011 07:44 pm (UTC)
After lots more reflection, it just seemed to me like they never were able to make this Clark into the Clark we know from the comics and from the movieverse. His origin was so much darker that it made it seem really odd to me for them to suddenly transform him into that version. I think the most he seemed like Superman to me was during Carter's funeral, when he was helping bring Carter's body into the temple. They could've left him in that costume, given him the flight, and I think I would've been happy. I mean, they've never done anything else to canon specs, so why start now?

And regarding the uniform, I would've been happy with the leather jacket version b/c it was HIS. He made it, or came up with it, whereas the tights and cape were NOT his idea, which was another thing that made him not my canon Clark. Even if Martha made it, he still didn't want it. :/ I would've rather seen Tom wear the jacket proudly than do greenscreen to *pretend* he was wearing the cape and tights. (But that's where I descend into a rant about how Tom's 'no flights, no tights' policy ruined the whole thing, and that's for another time.)

Of course they needed to resolve the whole Jor-El thing, and the stuff with Jonathan, and I'm totally fine with how they handled most of it. It was just the constant pushing, and Clark's constant whining and reluctance that ruined it for me. It felt to me like they were taking away Clark's agency, to where he's not even really his own person, and he hasn't grown up enough to make his own decisions (and I'm referring to everyone Clark interacted with, Lois, Chloe, Martha, and Ollie all included; it was like he had no say, and that doesn't make for the Clark that I know and love).

And to me, it felt like the writers were backpedaling and caving to the fans' demands (which, I know, there are a lot of things that we wanted), when they'd done the entire rest of the show along different lines. So it just felt like the second half of the finale just didn't fit right. I would've rather they made him a totally different kind of Superman, since nothing else in the entire ten years went the same. It was like they were jumping realities.


I know, I'm being such a butt about it. I could probably write a dissertation about my grievances at this point, but that'd require more viewings, and I'm not sure I have it in me to watch it again. *weeps*

I am glad that you felt satisfied with it, though. I was actually most worried that you wouldn't be happy with it b/c there were no Swanns. :p