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Yes, Virginia, Retail Doesn't Always Suck.

How does a Friday night not be a total crash-and-burn situation?

When you work high-end retail, dress a bit edgy and quirky, and can rock out to California Girls while singing out loud when you think the last of the customers have left for the evening and sound decent.

Using the lyrics to Geek and Gamer Girls.

Cred point.

And get overheard by the group of teenagers leaving with their ride [the last ones in the building, shopping with Mom] and get a sincere round of whistles and high-fives for actually knowing the song PERIOD.

Double cred.

Even better?

Having the mom that was with them compliment my baby-blue nail polish and ask where I got it when she figured out where they were.

And having her tell the manager on duty on the way out that they need a few more nice young ladies like me on staff afterwards.

Some days it's WORTH going to work.
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