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Brief Thoughts on 'The Borgias' From Last Night [1x06: The French King]

I have so much I could talk about here, what with Juan and Sancia and poor little Joffre and plots and intrigues and Rodrigo the Magnificent Bastard, but I have one thing that just won't let me go.

Oh, Lucrezia and Cesare, you wound me! Murder me! Even if you can't bring yourself to ship the two of them, you must admit that it's impossible to watch the relationships they're currently carrying on and NOT see what's happening. DOWN TO THE WORDS. Abelard and Heloise out of Cesare's mouth! AGAIN! Just listen to the whole speech before he has Ursula the first time! REALLY? I SEE WHAT YOU'RE DOING THERE!!

And just look at the physical similarities between the two of them and Paolo and Ursula! And with lights low in the two major love scenes?  NOW COME ON YOU TWO! I ship it. I can't help it and I have exactly ZERO regrets. Neil Jordan, I'm not sure whether to curse you or adore you forever. And the star-crossing just makes it better/worse. 

God help me, I love them seperately and together.

They are perfect.

Neil said it himself: They would be perfect lovers if they weren't siblings.

In lieu of actual episode clips [last night's haven't been released much, at least not the ones I want], here are a couple of examples:

GothicTokiota-Lucrezia and Cesare-Abelard and Heloise

bulletproofcouch-Lucrezia and Cesare-Breathe Again

Blackbya-Lucrezia and Cesare-Where Was My Fault In Loving You?

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