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"Dr. Lecter? Dr. Lecter? Dr. Lecter?"

First things first: XD over my virtual gift. I don't know if that was what was being hinted at, and I see a little hint to Contact in there, but I had a good laugh after a truly AWFUL day. My thanks to the gifter and Jodie Foster. :D

Secondly, sorry for falling off the face of the earth this week. I'm fighting something. Not quite sure what, but I just can't seem to get enough sleep lately. I actually slept eighteen hours on Tuesday and STILL feel exhausted even now, with a lot of sleep under my belt this week. Dunno what's up. But I don't like it. I miss being up on current events with everyone! *makes annoyed, pouty face* And I also owe a good review of both The Borgias and Game of Thrones

OH! Also, for those that care to take a glance, The Artist Formerly Know As Rizny and I have been running a Tumblr account at Fuck Yeah, Margot! A lot of the stuff that should be being posted at Reeveverse is being posted there. As soon as summer gets here, I'm going to see about getting that rolling again as well as working on the production of a permanent and more comprehensive site for my Superman universes. Which means a home of all of the graphics and such. 

Sessions continues on-time, so there's that. I'll have a spoiler up later tonight.

Hopefully I'll feel more spry in the morning.

I hope.
Tags: game of thrones, sessions progress updates, the borgias, typhoid mary

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