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Of Costume Dramas and Forbidden Squee

Camelot. Game of Thrones. The Borgias.

Say what you will, I am going to have one HELL of a good summer [something that doesn't often happen] just because of these series.

Camelot goes first.

Camelot is shaping up to be a pretty interesting spin on the mythology. No one is a saint in this version of the tale, not even Arthur. And as much as I love my poor betrayed king, I find it refreshing to not have him be a valiant fool this time around. He's a good man, all things considered, but he's just a man. Guinevere, too, is played in a way in which I finally find worthwhile. And she's the one I've always had issues with. Never strong enough. I'm not sure of this one's strength just yet, but the journey may just be valuable. Leontes seems a good man and so sure of his king, but I see both Lancelot and a bit of canon Arthur there. Same with the series' version of Arthur. They're turning it all on its head, making it more real, and I adore it.

And while we're at it, is Joseph Fiennes the best Merlin in the history of the world? Just go ahead and say yes now. You can see what he's been doing, how the legends arose from spin-doctoring events. From taking the baby from Igraine [whose character also is FAAAAAR juicier than it's ever been] to the events that brought about the presenting of Excaliber to the king [OMFG, I was blown away], Merlin is SOOOOO the one I'm watching closely, as well as my ever-beloved Morgan.

Have I ever mentioned I'm a Morgan girl? Oh, I AM. I AM. I usually root for the good guy, but in the Arthurian legends? I love the Good King, but I can never resist her.  And as much as I've loved Morgans past, Eva Green, you rock my world. Like, rocking it like a rocking thing. Like titled axis. HER. MORGAN. IS. A. BAMF. PERIOD. Eva, you leave me breathless. Please, never stop.

Four episodes in and I'm eager to see where they go next. What can I say? Sometimes I'm not as much a stickler for canon.

Camelot is currently on Friday nights at 10 on Starz.

I'll add the other two tonight. Ran out of time.
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