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Nearly There.

Well, I have her cold now. YAY! Not. I'll just keep fighting it tooth and nail until we get on the plane. And try for as much sleep as I can.

Today's my last day of work before the trip. Really starting to get excited, but the cold is impeding a little of that. Plan is to leave Jacksonville around 2, make it into Orlando by 4 and before the worst of rush hour starts, check into the hotel, kidnap Alley, get dinner, hang out and watch Smallville, hang out a little more, then crash. We need to be up by 4:30 so we can have everything good to go by 6:30, when we leave for New Mexico.

We have an ereader that's wi-fi capable, so we'll likely update from the road a little. Gotta make sure the cameras are charged up because we plan to take plenty of pics. We're planning to post ATU before we head out, so we're trying to get that to saavikam77  ASAP. Tons of laundry need to be finished by tonight and I still need to pack the last of my stuff.

Are you sure I can't call out today? XD I just hope this post makes sense.
Tags: vacation insanity

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