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About The Car...

I'm just going to copy my explanation to saavikam77  because it's the least complicated way to explain.

THIS is why we're GOING ON A ROAD TRIP IN THREE WEEKS. [EDIT: God, how tired AM I? XD]

The Ford Escort is no more. Dead over engine trouble, although there's plenty of other things wrong with her.

We're sharing my mother-in-law's Daewoo right now. Which is not easy and has to be making my MIL crazy.

So, we wound up with a decision. A Buick Rivera, which gets 12 miles to the gallon highway, for $2500 here in town or we hike out to NM [the plane tickets only cost us about $300 for both of us, one-way], pick up the Kia Sophia Anissa's uncle Kevin has for free and drive her home [paying for gas and hotels on the way].

So, yeah. I think we're going to New Mexico.
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