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Shortly, We'll Be Back To Our Regularly-Scheduled Programming...

All shall be revealed and all drama at an end when I end the semi-hiatus Sunday night. I HOPE.

've never been so glad to see the end of a two-week period in my life. Now that everything's starting to fall back into place, I'm going to get caught up on the F-List and start replying back to comments. It's just been one HELL of a two-week period. 

Also, as Sessions had to be delayed until Tuesday, we're also going to delay Across the Universe until next Saturday. After all the smoke cleared on Wednesday, we realized that we only had three pages on the chapter. And considering the subject, I figure you guys would appreciate it more if it were just a bit longer. Expect the spoiler as soon as I have enough to choose from. :D

Tags: across the universe progress updates, it won't rain all the time, life yells surprise!, the authors in rl

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