Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Just A Whiney Moment

Can I just say that I can't wait until the 14th of next month because I'm at my wit's end? Time to leave for Asheville just seems so far away. 

There are still not enough cashiers at work, the VPs are threatening to cut hours again, and the remodel is coming up faster and faster. Product knowledge is at an all time low and there's not enough time for University classes because we have twice the duties with half the staff, which makes everything virtually impossible, yet we still hear, "Get it done." They just took two of our best keyholders and transferred them to a store that didn't have them leaving us, the REGIONAL headquarters, short. And that's just work! *sigh*

I'm not even going to really touch on it too much because she reads this, but if it were possible and I thought I'd have a good time, I'd go on this vacation (that I need so badly I'm missing a paid week of work for it) alone. I've been waiting to go back to Asheville (where we were supposed to move last year) since 2005 and now she doesn't want to go and is all pouty because the stables we rode at before doesn't have Percerons anymore. That's it. After all the planning and saving, she doesn't want to go because they don't have the two horses we rode a year and a half ago. Sure, I'm sad; they were great horses, but... *GRRRRR!*

And because of that, the fact that she's in a blue funk, we're not working at the moment. Or getting along for that matter. Which is why I wound up alternately crying and singing along loudly to Breaking Bejamin and My Chemical Romance in the tub at 3:30 this morning.

I'm wrung out emotionally, frustrated, exhausted, needing to write, but all I can do is come home and try to work and read my reviews. How pathetic is that? *sighs disgustedly at self* I've never wanted to just be Lois more in my life, even with the life I gave her in LS. I'm going to go work on Famous Last Words alone for the moment and hopefully that will perk me up. It could always be worse.

I could be SV Lana. *snickersnort*

Thanks for putting up with the rant. I'm such a loser posting this here.
Tags: rl sucks, work suckage

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