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Here. Just here. Beware of spoilers and be warned of surprises. But I, for one, love that they'll go there. What do you think, xenokattz  my darling?

Although I have to say that I'm most thrilled about the potential here:

On top of that, the episode will also see the return of the Swann family.

OMFGOMFGOMFG. Who's connected to the Swanns that will has an out? Like, we never actually saw her die? Dr. Bridgette Crosby. God, PLEASE. Just PLEASE. One more time and give me that scene with them together. I can't get my hopes up, but it would mean SO much to me. *crosses fingers*

Also, why am I only now realizing that Patricia Swann, from the episode Traveler, was said to be Bridgette and Virgil's daughter? I had always wondered who she belonged to. :D Then again, I wasn't watching it too closely back then. Sadly, she's gone, too.

Not to mention this tidbit from the Wiki: Before Christopher Reeve's passing, Al Gough and Miles Miller tinkered with a storyline, of Dr. Swann being Jor-El. His injuries of coming to earth, were to explain his paralysis. When Christopher Reeve died, the idea was scrapped. *cue wailing and gnashing of teeth*

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