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Why This Week Should Suck, But Doesn't

  • First chapter of Across the Universe as a series? In the can and to the beta. Set post date? Last week of February.
  • Blinding deleted scene? Likely next week. We want it to be perfect.
  • Will be seeing xenokattz  on Saturday for the first time. So much bunneh expected. SO glad to finally do this. Hope we don't prove to be a let-down.
  • Let's see: gorgeous hotel room, rental car [Anissa's trying for a Mustang], get to see glitter_my_glam  late Saturday, got a present coming, and I'm off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Doesn't suck at all.
  • MANY notes done on the oneshot series, Love and Other Headaches [tentative title] that follows Heirs. Can't wait to start these.
  • Sessions is already waiting in the wings. The decision has been made that Dr. Elliot Marrin will be the narrator in the major of it. Another project I can't wait to tackle.
  • Kala's relationship history is going to be FUUUUUUN for a while. Jason's, too, despite finding his dream girl at 15.
  • My sexy new boots are already on the way here. :D Expected no later than Saturday.
  • Only minor annoyances at work this week. Next week is going to suck, but you can't win them all.
  • Annnnd last but not least, I HAVE THE BEST F-LIST AND FANS IN THE WORLD! Can it get any better?
Yep, not bad. :D
Tags: f-list love, meet-up, oneshot progress update, the authors in rl

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