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Upon Mature Reflection [And I Hope I'm Right]... MoS

  • I seem to remember getting a few misleading spoilers from Variety back when SR was in pre- and post-production. So, really, I'm not so sure I trust them to not be incorrect here.
  • Didn't they say that he wasn't going with another origin story? I seem to remember that being said at one point. Also, didn't SV go the Lana route not too long ago and wreck canon? Yeah, not so sure.
  • Did anyone stop to think maybe she's Kara? Since the three mentioned in the article as being in the running are all very blonde? And nothing approaching red? Honestly, if we do get Lana at any point, you all know I want Amy Adams. And a decent characterization. And her NOT with Clark.
  • Also wondering if maybe Lois isn't in the film until the second half? Which wouldn't 'technically' make her the female lead. Maybe there's a reason that she isn't in it as much?

This is all I've got so far, but I'm really curious to see what Mr. Snyder's up to here. He knows he has to please a diverse amount of fans. The action needs to be there, the romance needs to be there, and he needs to give us something new that amazes us. Honestly, deep down, I'm not going to let myself freak out too hard, because I remember the way the media twisted us into knots during SR. Take it with a pillar of salt, you guys. We'll see what happens.
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