Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Because You Can Never Have Too Much Of Little Miss Trouble

Because I happened across them, I have a couple of audio files to let you all hear what Miss Munchkin sounds like. She's my little heartbreaker.

Kala (Mermaid-"Why Is Daddy Dead?)

Kala (Dead Like Me-"Do You Work For The Railroad?") (This one's my favorite)

Kala (Mermaid-"The Story of the Mermaid")

*pauses to kick the stuffing out of FF.net* Would you fix yourself already? I've already got readers emailing me, asking what's wrong and why I'm not posting the chapter! *kicks it a few more times*

ETA: It's alive! Thank you, Mom, for the brilliant sneakiness that is you! 

Tags: little secrets

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