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Random Video Roundup

Okay, guys, this is a little bit of everything I've liked in the last few weeks. I haven't done one of these in a while and it might just get me moving on a couple I was working on myself. :D I'm going to separate by fandom.

Not a huge fan of the pairing, but this was just too gorgeous in light of the AU in Luthor

CatAtack12-Smallville Cless-Jar of Hearts

reevesdam-Cat and Lois-Loathing

crazyashgm86-Oliver and Tess-How You Remind Me

allieqc-Smallville-King and Queens

bmaniavids-Multi-Fandom-I Will Not Bow [Dubstep]

alli6-H/Hr-Beat Inside Me

FAMKE4-H/Hr-"We Should Stay Here. Grow Old..."

alli6-H/Hr-Let It All Burn...

Tags: clois videospam, h/hr or hp videospam, smallville videospam

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