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So, Guess Who's Starting On Their 12days_of_clois This Evening?

Annnd guess what upcoming story it's set in? The crystals should be a hint. Now, once Across the Universe itself goes up, this may go slightly AU, but this oneshot had to be done and we wanted a chance to show the two of them together before the srs bsns begins. Just a cute little moment in time with our seventeen-year-old Lois and almost 21-year-old Kal-El. This should be fun. The plot is VERY plotty and there's a lot of our signature action going on, between Earth and Krypton and their peoples. These two kids, however, are trying to understand one another despite Lois' captivity by the House of El. All is not easy for this version of the pairing, as they are clearly not on one another's level, but I think the adventure they embark on is going to be a fun ride. :D

Let's see what you guys think of this second glimpse! Previews to come shortly!

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