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Birthday Roundup

This year's birthday was interesting. Took the weekend off as a present to myself and got some pretty high-quality sleep. That was gift enough.

Once up and around, we put up the Christmas lights outside. Too much to do to manage putting the decorations up, but we'll be doing that tonight when we get home. Also went to Mom and Dad's for cake and cards. Have I mentioned recently how much I love my family? HUGELY grateful!

And then we braved the cold and the rain to go to Savannah on Sunday. Got pralines at the Savannah Candy Kitchen [a long-standing tradition], walked the Riverwalk, went to Tybee Island and saw the lights. We got into town too late to do more than that, but we took the long way home on all the way into Brunswick and drove around Jeykll Island before catching the interstate home.

Also so much love to those that wished me a Happy 32nd this weekend
  • A gorgeous manip from januaried  of my Clois. I love you for that, bb. I know how limited your time has been lately.
  • An equally gorgeous hand-knitted neckwarmer from januaried , which I'll include photos of tonight. Need to get my camera.
  • bistyboo1974 and ellenemi both sent me gorgeous little v-gifts! I love them, you two! You didn't have to do that! *hugs*
  • Birthday messages from both elliania  and duskwillow. Thank you so much for taking the time, guys! It meant a lot!
  • A birthday wish from ellenemi . *hugs*
  • A forth-coming birthday fic from saavikam77 . I can't wait to see the final result. :D SO excited!
  • Happy birthday comments and reviews from olansamuelle . Yep, I consider them presents, bb! *hugs*
  • A bunch of FB Happy Birthdays.

Still looking back over the last two days' worth of posts, so if I missed you, I'll add to the list tonight! Thank you all for remembering me in this busy season! *tacklesnuggles*
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