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“Hey guys, taking a quick moment out at work to post a thank you very much for all the replies yesterday. It's just getting really really difficult to cope right now I'm starting to forget my own name just simply because I'm working so much. Trying to work on the writing just to make sure I can keep my head float. You know it's just really tough right now. We are getting hammered like every night. This is just not enough help but again before I start doing like whining and pathetic thank you all for for all the boltling(?) especially you know especially Slobby(?) Shampoo. I wanna thank you so much, you don't know what I'll do with out you. ___ thank you so much I don't know why the two of you put up with me I really don't. This freaking wishie(?) washy. Also oh and Samuel thank you so much for all the reviewing lately it's making me go back and re read and kinda making me laugh at some of the stuff I've wasn't aware I forgot and but I just got to make it to Sam tomorrow and then I'm off for the birthday, so hopefully that will perk me up. Ali if you hear this gimme a call let us know when it's gonna be easier to most convenient to see you cos we're gonna kinda plan from that cos I really do wanna see you this weekend. I love you guys, I'm babbling I will host tonight. Alright love ya. Bye.”

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